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PHP 7.4 killed my old site - very old mod refugium here

November 12, 2020 My Mods

No one knew my old site. It was from 2012, it was trash, it was 50% broken several php versions ago and it finally went up in flames with today's php update.

The only reason it existed was because I needed a mirror back in the day so I could send my files to the site I hosted my German mods on. That site, like so many, also isn't really active anymore and EU regulations for data protection bullshit totally locked it down.

So now I'll just upload all my abandoned mods here so they exist somewhere, but to be honest, I am distancing myself from them. It was 2008. I was young, and stupid, and for the most part I don't want to look at those mods again, or be reminded of them.

Eichenstamm Bauernhof Interior

Original mods:


German mod. Do a short quest to own a farm between IC and Cheydinhal. Doesn't work with AC/AY link. It's bad. Don't judge me.

Trainingseinheiten erhalten

Keep unused training sessions on levelup. If too many mods fire up message boxes after game start, this one might fail because it grabs the input from another.



Abandoned Mountain Shack

Exterior home with unique models. The shack is on the side of a cliff in the Jerall Mountains SE of Bruma. Original Mod.

Better Dungeons

Are you tired of all those bland, dreary, cookie-cutter caves? This is the mod for you! Better Dungeons makes almost all the caves unique and interesting. Original Mod.

Enchanted Portable Tent

This version is 2.21 and therefore slightly outdated. Perhaps I'll get around to updating it, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that. Original Mod.


Lakeview is a small home located on the shore of Lake Rumare, southwest of the Imperial City. Original Mod.

Pond Cottage

A small house for sale in front of the Mania entrance of New Sheoth. I believe the original was lost when ORE went down.

Mods I did not reupload:

Translations of Netherweave Robe, Regard Female Costume and Ryk Simple Dress, as well as Storms & Sound. To be honest, a lot of translations happened because I was supposed to find mods to be hosted on that old community I used to be regular on - and to be hosted they would be translated. But in the end - I really don't think there is anyone big into Oblivion modding nowadays who needs German translations of obscure stuff, and is unable to just fire xEdit up themselves. I did not keep up with development while taking a break from about 2012 to 2015, and in 2015, I already switched to English so I wouldn't have to deal with mismatched mods.


Fallout 3:

More Food

Adds new food items to the wasteland. Link leads to the nexus.

Adopt Bryan Wilks (Translation)

Just sayin, I haven't touched Fallout 3 since 2012. Original Mod.


I don't even remember. I think I used this to place a campfire for screenshots.


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