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Oblivion. 10% Playing, 90% Modding.

March 6, 2021 Linux
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This is planned as a simple post, just outlining the differences between Steam and GOG (as described in my or Kat's guide). The goal is to have Oblivion via Proton, with OBSE, a working Wrye Bash and the Construction Set.

November 16, 2020 Linux
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The incredible adventure of modding Oblivion with Wrye Bash on Linux, continued.

June 3, 2020 Modding Guides
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So I finally switched to Windows 10 and used the opportunity to record myself setting up a shiny fresh modded Oblivion with just minor hiccups.

January 27, 2019 Wrye Bash
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Part 3 of this guide is a bit more advanced and covers how to apply and create ini edits, how to customize the toolbar and some general tips and tricks.

January 14, 2019 Wrye Bash
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Part 2 of this guide covers how to use the mods and the saves tab, how to create a bashed patch (and what it's used for) and how to use savegame profiles.


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