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November 1, 2021 General
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So, uhhh, where did October go?

October 31, 2021 My Mods Version 1.0
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This mod changes clip distance (= drawing of objects) and fog distance to look similar to Morrowind (Cliffracers not included).

September 2, 2021 My Mods Version 1.0
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Similar to the "Explorer" perk in Fallout games, this mod will mark all locations on your map. You will not be able to fast travel there until you visited them yourself once.

August 29, 2021 My Mods Version 1.0
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This is just a simple retexture of the Oblivion sunglare. ENB has this amazing sunglare that appears when you look at the sun in certain angles, but I can't use ENB, so I tried to find myself a replacement.

August 27, 2021 General
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There are a few exciting things still happening in the Oblivion world, although at a smaller pace. The probably most exciting one: With the last release, xOBSE got OnKeyEvent and OnControlEvent event handlers!


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