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Welcome to my new blog!

March 8, 2020 General

The move is almost complete.

I've moved all my old blog entries to the new site, splitting some posts when they were about the release of more than one mod.

I've checked the guides and made sure they are updated with any new information I got in the last year.

My static pages are still lacking content, but you can use the categories on the sidebar to access a list of posts.

I really need to replace all the huge pngs with jpgs.

I still have to create direct downloads for most of my mods and posts for mods that previously have not been published on my blog.

Thank you Rey, I couldn't have done this without you. I guess I could have, but it would look shit.


Welcome to my little place where I talk about playing Oblivion, and about modding Oblivion, and about making mods for Oblivion and about ...