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Traveler's Tent - Beta update to 1.3.2

June 6, 2021 My Mods Version 1.3.2

In addition to the last beta update, this time I attempted to slay the famous vanishing tent bug.

That said, I still don't know what causes it. I had it vanish on me once, but when I used that same savegame later, fully planning to just console myself a new tent, it was back. Perhaps the game choked on a load order change. Perhaps the game didn't like that it was sitting in a non-Tamriel worldspace, on the line where two cells meet. I don't know.

I added a tracking quest that will monitor the cell the tent is in all the time, and if the player is in the same cell where the tent should be, but the tent isn't there, the quest will move it back. This is rather a bandaid solution, but the best idea I had.

Other small fixes:

  • You can now no longer get stuck in the tent if you don't move away fast enough after activating the materials. The tent will not pop up until you moved a few steps away.
  • If you somehow acquire a second set of tent materials and put it up even though it was already up, you will no longer get instantly stuck in the newly spawned tent.
  • It is no longer possible to put up the tent in the arena. I have no idea how it would behave if if gets caught in the cleanup function, and I really don't wanna find out.
  • (From 1.3): The dummy interiors I use for decorating will no longer be shown on the local map.
  • (From 1.3): Now uses real doors, which makes the destination show properly and lowers the chances of weather freaking out when entering/exiting the tent.

As before, I didn't have much time for testing, but so far stuff looks good. I will probably update on the Nexus soon™, but here's the file for now, just in case.

Direct download, file size: 16.29 MiB


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