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Sort your Stuff

February 3, 2019 My Mods Version 1.2

Sort your Stuff

Universal Alchemy Sorter and More

A while ago I wanted to make a house mod with sorted storage. Keys here, Soul Gems there,with thematically fitting containers. I had a few house mods like that in Skyrim and I loved it. But I also wanted it to work automatically.

Few weeks later, I now have the storage script, but no containers :')

This mod lets you sort items into every container that is safe for storage and either player-owned or unowned. It is possible to retrieve magic items (ingredients, scrolls, potions and sigil stones) by effect. 

Automatically storing keysRetrieving items by magic effect

The mod has a few more tricks up its sleeve, like displaying food items or building a library without dupliactes. Full description on the mod page.

Update 2020-05-19: Added Version 1.2 which fixes a bug when storing unique books.

Direct download, file size: 29.64 KiB

Download from external site


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