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Move while Encumbered

May 21, 2020 My Mods Version 0.9

With this mod being encumbered will no longer stop you from moving.
As in Fallout3 & Skyrim, you will be able to walk, although very slowly. Fast travel will be disabled and you will be unable to jump. 

You can mount your horse while encumbered and fast travel while mounted.

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Known Issues

Mods using the run/always run/jump key (for example: shift) as a key/modifier key for other functions (for example: hotkeys) using IsKeyPressed2 (for example: enhanced hotkeys) will not detect the keypress when moving while encumbered.
When you need to use such a key, stopping for a moment will allow you to use it. This is the main reason the release is in beta stage.

If you ever should be encumbered, but are locked into running instead, stop walking for a moment. I had this happen a few times in early development and never was able to find a cause or replicate it.

If you ever experience some weirdness, just saving and either restarting the game or unchecking this mod and loading without should fix everything. I tried to catch all possible combinations of reloading saves etc. but I don't usually play multiple characters or reload saves ingame, so it's a bit untested. All changes made by the mod should not persist when the game is closed.

Direct download, file size: 4.94 KiB

Download from external site


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