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Unique Spell Icons for Lost Sorceries of the Ayleids

May 20, 2020 My Mods Version 1.0

With Custom Spell Icons, Finger of the Mountain gets a unique Icon. It bothered me a bit that the other spells added by Lost Sorceries still had their default icons, so I made a few new ones.

Unfortunately, it looks a bit weird for spells with multiple effects. CSI changes the icon of one of these effects and leaves the others alone, so for example Meridia's Rainbow Shield will have a rainbow shield icon for fire shield, and shock and frost shield will have the vanilla icon. I couldn't find a way around this.
The ini file is sorted by single effect and multiple effect spells, so you could easily remove all spells with multiple effects if that bothers you.

I'm still releasing it, if only as a resource for others.

To use them, after installing open the file CustomSpellIcons.ini in your data folder and add:

set CSIQuest.iniFile    to    sv_Construct "CSI_LS"    ; Lost Sorceries
SetStage CSIQuest 40

Direct download, file size: 91.98 KiB

Download from external site


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