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Grass Update

June 21, 2020 General

I've been playing around with the textures of my grass mod for a while. I loved the Far Cry grass look - but I also missed a few of the unique features vanilla grass had. So I added some back - ferns in the west weald, ears at the gold coast etc.

West WealdGold CoastJerall MountainsColovian Highlands

In 1.1 I put all textures into one file (as atlas, I guess).

I'm not sure yet if I like this (the atlas, not the grass itself). To be honest, it feels like a waste, since I only replace some of the grasses, and not many of those are loaded at the same time. So to me it looks like I am basically loading the file size of all 20 grasses, all the time, to just use 4 or 5 of those max. When I tried another atlas grass mod (daydream) I had a huge performance loss, my PC didn't like the 22mb textures it brings. Other people claim it helped even in comparison to vanilla, so whatever. It makes customization impossible, though (for now it's either all grass plain or all extra features) and I'm really not keen on maintaining two different versions (atlas and non atlas). There is also a theoretical quality loss, since I had to resize the textures slightly, but I don't really notice a difference ingame.


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