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Really Textured Normal Maps - Updated

May 19, 2020 My Mods Version 1.0

I really liked Really Textured Normal Maps as alternative to texture replacers. I like how Oblivion vanilla looks, but a bit more depth can be nice.
That said, I've noticed and heard about some issues the original mod had and I've attempted to fix them. I removed normal maps for effects and normal maps where the detail was lost. I removed all alpha channels where the vanilla normal map didn't have one and restored the original alpha channel for all other normal maps.

This should fix:
- Flickering tree bark
- Broken sunrays in mania smithy
- Mismatch with OOO SI golden saint/dark seducer armor
- Lost details on weapons, especially fine steel weapons
- Lost glossiness on some surfaces, too glossiness shine on others

Mania Smithy broken SunraysMania Smithy fixed SunraysSteel weapons lost detailSteel weapons vanilla detail

This package includes all 3 original downloads, part 1, part 2 and the shivering isles one!
I'm not sure yet if it's a great idea to host a file this big on my own webspace, so for now, only Nexus link.

Direct download, file size: 531.57 MiB

Download from external site


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