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Let there be Flowers

September 20, 2019 My Mods Version 1.0

While making the grass mod I thought that some of the areas now look a tiny bit too plain. In the game files there are a bunch of flowers that are not used anywhere, so first, I went to put those to use. But soon I wanted even more flowers.

This mod adds some flowers to a few ground textures. For this to work as intended, it's necessary to raise the grass limit per texture (iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure) in the Oblivion ini - 5 should be more than enough. You can find your ini in My Documents\My Games\Oblivion. With the vanilla limit of 2, some flowers just won't show up.
It's possible that the flowers can have an impact on performance. However, I didn't notice anything, and my pc isn't the best out there.

FlowersFlowers in SIFlowers

The Gold Coast will get red and yellow poppies.
Autumn forest around the Orange Road will get flowers in red/yellow hues.
The Heartlands and other plain green meadows will get daisies.
The Colovian Highlands will get a colorful mix.
The West Weald will get purple and blue flowers.
The Paradise will get bluebells.
Mania will get yellow and red poppies.
No flowers were added to snowy and swampy areas.

Direct download, file size: 113.5 KiB

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