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Oblivion. 10% Playing, 90% Modding.


I don't really know what to write here. Hi, I'm Laula (she/her). I fell in love with Oblivion back in 2008, and, shortly after, with modding Oblivion as well. It was my first real 3d game and to this day Oblivion's keybinds have ruined me for every other game (jumping's gotta be on E).

To be honest, I spend more time in the CS than in the game itself. I like playing around with scripts most, but sometimes I dabble in other areas which require more artistic talent than I have. For each mod I release my ToDo list seems to increase by two and I don't like that.

When I play, I love taking screenshots. The file size of my bmp collection in my Oblivion directory is larger than the game install itself. I'm trying to post a screenshot each day on my Tumblr, but sometimes I forget.

Occasionally I play Morrowind or Skyrim as well. Often even games that are not from the Elder Scrolls franchise *gasp*
Pokémon and Guild Wars are other game series I often play, but I do have a soft spot for all RPGs in the style of Baldur's Gate/Pillars of Eternity - and absolutely no time to even play one of them. My weak spots are trashy hidden object games on Steam and breeding Pokemon for hours.

If you want to reach me, you can find me over at nexusmods by the name Laulajatar or on the Oblivion Community Discord server (link is under links). You can also send me a mail by puzzling together an email address consisting of the domain of this blog and the name of the best game ever before the @.

I've put up some of my work in progress mods on my github page. Most stuff there still has issues or missing content, so be warned and read the description carefully.

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I will add here if I update older posts, not if I post new entries, which should be fairly obvious on their own.


Welcome to my little place where I talk about playing Oblivion, and about modding Oblivion, and about making mods for Oblivion and about ...