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Happy New Year... or something like that

January 3, 2021 General

At least 2020 is over.

I've luckily been pretty safe last year and hope I can continue to work from home for a while in 2021, but I don't know yet. As I have to take public transport to work, I am really not looking forward towards the possibility of having to go back in person.

I hope all of you can manage to stay as safe as possible as well.

This blog is now two years old.

I know I've rarely been posting here in the last months. After moving to Linux I haven't been quite as motivated to set it all up again. For everything that works well, two days later something breaks. Don't get me wrong, playing looks fine (with the exception of ENB just not working), but the CS is moody, Photoshop doesn't work, I haven't really set up NifSkope or Blender either.

Also I have done this thing where I actually installed and played some other games. It's crazy, I know. Other games. They do exist. Of course, they are never as great as Oblivion is.
Guild Wars 2 is a huge time sink for me, and in December I played way too much of a Pokémon hack called Unbound. Then Stardew Valley got yet another update. This game is truly something else.
I am convinced that configuring your PC also counts as game and I don't even know if I am winning this one.

Now I finally updated my Wrye Bash guides. The interface did change around quite a bit in the last months, CBash was deprecated and a new settings panel appeared. The guides should now all have matching images.

And finally I got a new Hamster. This little Orb is avoiding me now and I have to trick him into showing up by offering only the finest dead insects, dandelion leaves and seeds.


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