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Optimized VWD for Unique Chapels Revisited

March 22, 2020 My Mods Version 1.2

This is more or less a placeholder post.

Optimized VWD by qwertyasdfgh creates new _far.nifs for vanilla chapels.
Unique Chapels Revisited by 1Mac adds compatibility for RAEVWD and AWLS to Unique Chapels.

This mod takes the optimized VWD meshes and creates optimized _far.nifs for Unique Chapels.

The options are normal windows and lit windows, and optional wood chapel in Bruma.
There is also one optional file for alternative Arkay chapel in Cheydinhal (Chorrolized Cheydinhal), since that's a texture I personally use.

Please note, the normal cathedrals use vanilla textures, so if you use a replacer that changes the look of a city, the VWD mesh will not match anymore.

Differences between the AWLS and normal versions are mostly because I had to take pictures of the detailed _far meshes of AWLS, while I could use the normal meshes for the normal version. AWLS uses some kind of animation to swap windows and I can't get that to work in Nifskope.

Update 2020-04-11: Finally added full support for QTP.

Update 2020-05-22: Fixed the default cathedral showing a black blob on top when using a lit variant. Removed the original far meshes from Optimized VWD as they weren't changed in this mod, no point to duplicate them.

Cathedral of Zenithar, lit WindowsCathedral of Zenithar, normal Windows

Direct download, file size: 4.16 MiB


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