Shrine of Kynareth

Oblivion. 10% Playing, 90% Modding.


Some other people that post about Oblivion (and mods). This is horribly incomplete, as I am super bad about keeping my bookmarks.

Oblivion Community Discord

Kat's Blog (no, this is not KatKat)
Linux guides and creating mods

The Drunken Crafter's Inn

Luna's Lunacy
Clothing, furniture, steampunk, pretty things!

MissAniThrope’s Mods and guests

Under Sun and Sky, Room207

Lucha's Grove

jobra888's Oblivion site
Home of Snu's Dungeons and other cool mods

Monkeyangie's blog


Welcome to my little place where I talk about playing Oblivion, and about modding Oblivion, and about making mods for Oblivion and about ...