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Morrowind-like Health

February 10, 2019 My Mods Version 1.1

This was a request on my other mod.
This mod makes it so waiting no longer regenerates all health at once. It regenerates health by 10% Endurance per hour, like in Morrowind.

If you're hardcore and only want to heal while really sleeping in a bed, open the console and enter: set MLHWaitingHeals to 0 Other than in Morrowind it is not possible to "sleep" in the Wilderness without a bed, though. I'd suggest a mod like Maskar's Camping.

Should work fine with Basic Primary Needs' health loss. I would not recommend sleeping while hungry/thirsty and low on health, however. Especially at a low endurance, the stat loss by BPN can outweigh the healing you recieve.

Direct download, file size: 2.82 KiB

Download from external site


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