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MOO Craftable Enchanted Arrows

July 25, 2021 My Mods Version 1.0

I found this lying around in my Dropbox and even though I don't have MOO installed at the moment, I thought I'd throw it out there. Perhaps someone will find this useful.

This "mod" adds 112 enchanted arrows that are crafted with MOO's crafting feature. It's 4 levels of enchantments (5, 10, 15 and 20/2sec damage) of each shock, frost, fire and poison, for each material of iron, steel, silver, elven, glass and ebony). They are crafted with the same recipe normal arrows are crafted with MOO, but take those potions you get from disarming traps to create enchanted versions. The power of the enchantment depends on the power of the poison. Since it's not possible to craft dwarven and daedric arrows with MOO, there are no enchanted variants either.

Random picture remotely relevant to arrows

If you have no metal at hand, you can also create stone arrows (also unenchanted version available) that's even weaker than iron arrows.

The arrows are crafted with the fletching jig. Materials needed are feathers, shafts, arrow heads (or stone for the stone arrow) and a poison from disarming traps.

Attention: This was made for MOO 4.9.x. If MOO 5.0 comes out, there is a possibility of changes to the crafting system. In that case, use with caution.

Direct download, file size: 4.31 KiB


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