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Oblivion menu icons Photoshop action

June 16, 2019 My Mods Version 1.0

One of the most boring things ever is creating icons for objects. You just spent hours or days finishing an object and suddenly remember you need to create one more thing. Assuming I am not the only one that thinks like this, I decided to release the Photoshop tools I made to almost automate this process.
Take a screenshot of the object in NifSkope, cut it out, paste it in, press button.

Please ignore my great spelling of the word "Bread".

They might not be super pretty and not match the game's style perfectly, but they are an alternative if the alternative is nothing.
The object will get a small bright outer glow and the action will take care of the alpha channel needed for transparency.

I uploaded a video on youtube that shows how to use this action.

Direct download, file size: 63.54 KiB

Download from external site


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