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November 1, 2021 General

So, uhhh, where did October go?

Or September, for that matter.

I had lots of plans. For lots of mods. Then motivation struck, and I started some completely unrelated project and here I am, 2 months later, wondering where time went.

Can't say I am too sad about this, because the other project definitely was a dream of mine, and I haven't been in the right mind to work on anything like it for ages. And now it's done.

And now, perhaps, I might have some of my brain back to work on other things? Please?

My mod plans are still going strong, including:

  • Updating all my mods that can use it with the new xOBSE event handlers.
    It will make xOBSE mandatory. I thought about having compatibility depending on if it's installed, but honestly, most mods will have small updates only so if people refuse to use xOBSE - just use the old version of said mod.
  • Updating all my mods that can use it with LINK support.
    Mostly annoyed that this will require me to rename all my ini files. My mod names are lModName.esp (with a small L for my name, who would have guessed) and my ini files are not and LINK needs all names to match. I'm also not entirely sure which mods will work fine with this, but most probably will.
  • Update the perk display mod, definitely with some Av Latta perks that seem to have been mentioned as novice falsely in the update notes. If they are not novice perks, I need to add them. Perhaps with some other lockpick/persuasion overhaul mods, too, though I admit, reading other mods' inis is annoying af.
  • Update my sort mod with a way to blacklist items. I had considered adding all other item types as well, but the limit of 8 entries (+ stack, + close) is really killing me here. A second page also seems kinda clumsy, and I'm not sure how useful it is to just store "armor" or "weapons", because why would you hoard them??
    (- signed, a hoarder)
  • Release my overhaul, after 2 years? As if. For the curious, it is available on my github, and I don't think I have any open issues left, I just haven't played further than lvl 20 yet in testing.
  • I had some other mod ideas, new ones, but those are honestly on the back burner right now, because I know one week off will barely be enough time to wrap up all the things I started already.
  • Make some more tutorial videos for my youtube channel. Mostly CS related things, I have a bunch of more ideas, but recording and editing and stuff takes time.
  • Continue work on the xOBSE documentation ;-; I feel so bad for neglecting this.

For anyone who hasn't fallen asleep yet (I have! Might be because I celebrated my week off by staying up till 4am, though), the reason I vanished off the earth was pretty much writing a book. I won a character portrait in some raffle, and I went through old stories to find the char notes, and suddenly I had the urge to translate and rewrite the whole thing.

Isn't it awesome ;-;
The artist's blog is here:

A few years ago, I realized that "I want to write a book" and "A book needs to be published" aren't the same. There is websites where you can just print them and have a real book in your hands, just like that. And no one but you will ever see it! It's amazing!
I've done it before, but this was the first time I wrote in English, which definitely made it take longer. I still have to remember how to make an actual proper eBook out of it, too.

I get so attached to my OCs and having something with them to actually hold in my hands will be the best thing ever.


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