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The Construction Set wiki has a new home!

December 27, 2021 General

Fellow modders of the best game(s) in existence!

As you might have noticed, or not, the construction set wiki has been on read-only for probably a decade. So many pages have outdated information, especially ones mentioning bugs in older OBSE versions, when in 2022 honestly no version older than 0021 has any relevance.

Even worse, new bugfixes and additions of xOBSE can't be added, either.


The people over at the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (you know, just started hosting the wikis for Fallout 4, Skyrim, Oblivion and Fallout3/NV. The new wiki can be found here:

This is super exciting. In a "oh god there is like 5 of us left who care about this game and my list of things I have to do lasts me until 2024 even if I don't add fixing all OBSE articles to it" way.

It's a shame all the images are lost forever, but as the uesp team said on their patreon:

"Still, the second best time to preserve what's left was now, so that's what we did."

A picture of the loading screen of the Oblivion CS


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