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Conjured Bows have Conjured Arrows

March 17, 2020 My Mods Version 1.1

This mod gives every actor that summons a bow (using the normal Bound Bow spell effect - including mod added & selfmade spells) a quiver of 50 Bound Arrows IF they have no arrows equipped when casting the spell.
On the player, the arrows will be automatically equipped. Unequipping them dismisses them.

Their strength is equal to Silver Arrows. I didn't want to make them too weak, or you'd still feel the need to lug a bunch of low level arrows around, but I also didn't want them to be better than the more rare arrows.

They cannot be dropped, sold, deposited or retrieved from enemies, they vanish from the game world almost instantly and should you ever manage to somehow pick one up when you have no Bound Bow equipped, it will dissolve back into Oblivion after a few seconds.

Conjuring Arrows

Direct download, file size: 3.66 KiB

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