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Shivering Isles weather mixed up

April 9, 2021 My Mods Version 1.0

I got a bit bored with the few weathers that exist in SI. Mania and Dementia each get only like 2-4 weathers and while Dementia has more, most of them have fog. This mod:

  • Allows for Mania weather to happen on the Dementia side of SI and vice versa. Chances are higher for native weather.
  • Takes a two more weathers and adds them to the rotation.
    There are now 3 clear weathers, 2 overcast weathers, 2 foggy weathers and 2 rainy/stormy weathers.
  • Changes some of the existing weathers slightly.
  • Makes nights roughly 50% darker.
  • Uses only vanilla textures. If you use any replacers, those will be used.

    What this mod doesn't do:

    • Add new weather records. I reused some vanilla records that looked unused, because I wanted this mod to be mergeable.
    • I sure hope they were really unused. I couldn't find references to them in any scripts or regions.
    • Add new textures.

    Shivering Isles WeatherShivering Isles WeatherShivering Isles WeatherShivering Isles WeatherShivering Isles WeatherShivering Isles Weather

    All pictures were taken with OR 6.5 and vkBasalt and I also uploaded a bunch that used only Simple ENB, no OR on the nexus page. Results in any other preset might vary.

    Direct download, file size: 8.86 KiB

    Download from external site


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