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Traveler's Tent - Beta update to 1.3

March 7, 2021 My Mods

There were two bugs that bugged (he) me in my mod and I think I managed to fix them. I didn't have time to test yet, so I don't wanna throw it on the Nexus yet.

Bug 1:

I am using dummy copies of the tent to arrange the changing decoration inside. I forgot to set to to initially disabled, so they were visible on the local map.

Local map is fixed

Bug 2:

I didn't manage to use real doors for entering/leaving the tent when I made it. Now I managed, making the display of the target region much nicer. It might also fix the weather changing every time you leave the tent.

Door target locations now look nice

Thing is, I didn't really have time to test the door changes. I didn't test if the companion script still works, and I didn't test saving and loading the game.

Call me pessimistic, but I don't like having stuff only on my drive, just in case something happens. So now it's up for grabs here, until I have time to test it properly. If you happen to use it and end up running into any bugs, let me now.


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