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My Map Marker Overhaul icons

February 27, 2022 My Mods Version 1.0

This isn't really a mod, it's just a file I edited for my game.

For me, the default icons of Map Marker Overhaul (any of them) have two issues:

  • The devs didn't add icons for the "marked on map but undiscovered & entered/cleared" state. Sure, it doesn't make sense to mark a dungeon as done that you haven't visited, but it is possible. And once you do that, the icon vanishes.
  • The letters E and C for entered and cleared when tagging markers are super small on default DarNified UI settings and barely readable.

So I grabbed my favorite icons - the vanilla borderless style icons - and fixed those issues. 

I added the missing states, and instead of tagging the icons with small letters, I changed their color. For icons with different states depending on tags - dungeon icons like forts, Ayleid ruins, caves and camps - the default color is slightly greyed out. Entered - meant to be used with the tags strong enemy, too hard lock etc - will turn red. Once the dungeon is cleared, the color will turn to match the other, normal icons.

I also changed three of the custom map markers you can set. It's now a flag for general points of interest, a tower (I use them for Maskar's outposts), a merchant bag (I wanted to use it to mark if I have to drop loot somewhere) and the old Ayleid ruin icon. I'm not super happy with the latter, but I don't really have any better ideas atm anyway.

All map markers toggled on for display

All credits for the original icons go to xythen for the borderless map icons and theNiceOne for Map Marker Overhaul.

Direct download, file size: 16.55 KiB


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