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WIP: Vanilla Style Loading Screens Replacer

April 1, 2020 General

This is a small preview of a mod I am currently working on. I like the style of the original loading screens, but there are just so few. Many pictures are reused between different texts. So after I found a way to imitate the design for my MOO Themed Loading Screens mod, I thought about creating unique pictures for each of the vanilla loading screens.

While on it, I also hope I can make the city specific loading screens work with Open Cities. At least I don't think the vanilla ones work there, because the loading screens check for the city worldspaces.

BarterWhat is the color of night?ShipwreckChapelAbandoned HouseWayshrineThe Grey PrinceImperial GuardSancre TorVilverin

There are 336 loading screens that use and reuse 50 different pictures, which means I have to create 286 new loading screens.

I really didn't think this one through, did I.


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