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VWD for Town Houses

May 19, 2020 My Mods Version 1.0

In vanilla Oblivion inside the closed cities in the Tamriel worldspace, there are a bunch of low res houses that are also visible from afar.
The real houses (for example visible when using Open Cities) have no VWD models.

I grabbed the vanilla houses and renamed them for each of the real house models. I also adjusted them slightly in size or position. Where they did absolutely not match, I created a few new ones from scratch. They are not very detailed, but it's not like the vanilla ones will win a beauty contest, either.
I'm hoping to one day find the time to make a few more models, but right now, I don't have the time. If I wait for that, this mod will sit on my HD for months and gather dust and I rather release it as it is and add to it later.

While this is probably most visible when using Open Cities, it will also work for any houses that are outside of the city areas, like Border Watch, which is using Leyawiin houses, or Lord Drad's Estate, which uses a Chorrol house.

Anvil - Vanilla models, resized if needed
Bravil - Vanilla models, repositioned
Bruma - Vanilla models + new lower class model
Cheydinhal - Vanilla, resized if needed
Chorrol - Vanilla and new models
Leyawiin - New models
Skingrad - Vanilla models, resized if needed
Lowerclass - One new model used for all

SkingradLeyawiinBorder WatchBravil

Some cities work better than others, for example Skingrad and Bravil look pretty nice even without modifications, while Chorrol and Leyawiin are a mess with too many different house shapes/colors.

You should check out Optimized VWD by qwertyasdfgh for Cathedrals and Farm Houses.
Also check out VWD Ships.

I also added a version for just vanilla Leyawiin, you can find it here on the Nexus. I haven't uploaded it here yet, because come on, it's pretty pointless alright? When will you ever be able to really see into Leyawiin without flying...

Direct download, file size: 274.04 KiB

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