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This blog has SSL now

July 16, 2021 General

Yea, that's all.

I finally got my ass up and set it up, wasn't even hard. I guess the main part that bothers me is that my provider doesn't have automatic renewal, and my main thought behind this blog was "having stuff online even if I can't be" - so if the certificate runs out access will probably be denied. But I guess since I have to pay for it, it would run out anyway pretty soon if I get eaten by a mountain lion.

Not that ssl really matters, because this page has pretty much nothing; no logins, no forms, no comments, just a bunch of weird ramblings and some zip files.

But at least they are very secure zip files now, amiright.

Lucien approves.
Imagine how much better it would have been if dead drops would have gotten some ssl.


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